Dandelion Vol 1


There are many reasons I decided to spend time writing a memoir. At first I thought, who I am to think my story is as important as a book? That's the scared little girl I battle on a daily basis... but then the strong woman who's persevered calms the little girl and reminds her that we've been through a lot and here we stand - able to tell this story.

Not everyone gets that chance.

It's a story of death, dreams, sex, miracles, depression, addiction and hope but at the center of it all it's about love.

My hope for telling my story is that if they can see what I've seen and been through and how I've gotten to this place in my life where I can look back at those things and appreciate how far I've come, maybe they can too. I'm an addict who has been orphaned by the AIDS epidemic. I'd like to help remove the stigma attached to 2 big parts of my life.

If I can help relief shame and stigma even just a little bit it would allow me to heal myself too.

This page is going to be the process of the book. I have 50 pages now, we'll see how this goes.

Much love & light,